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We provide trainings for all levels at the JRI Academy

The JRI Academy is an approved training center. Its objective:

- share skills and knowledge by providing advanced and expert training to our partners and authorized distributors so that they are able to run and ensure the maintenance of our solutions independently

- ensure the continuous training of our employees in order to maintain and reinforce their know-how



Monitoring Systems Trainings

We provide theory teaching and practical training for our systems, for 3 specific levels:

- User: initiation and how to use main functions of the our applications and software
- Administrator: user level and how to set your system parameters to ensure a complete management
- Accredited installer or first-level maintenance: administrator level and monitoring system deployment, how to conduct preventative maintenance operations and an understanding of technology communication.


Trainings in Metrology

We provide an initiation in the different calibration and mapping techniques for standard laboratory equipment (ovens, incubators, cold chambers, etc...).
This training aims to teach the basics of metrology and provide information about essential methodology and means for high quality metrology practices.


Customised Trainings

JRI also offers customised trainings depending on customers’ needs. We can adapt the training course accordingly.


Our services
In order to provide a quality service, we support our solutions with installation, qualification, metrology, training and technical support services
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