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Verigo Bluetooth temperature and humidity monitoring solution

Real-time data management: Consultation of data and exceeding of thresholds when goods are received with action on smartphone
Type of transport: Global, National
Sensor location: Geolocate the sensor with the precision of GPS technology


Solution bluetooth surveillance temperature Verigo

Verigo is wireless bluetooth monitoring solution of thermo-sensitive products


The Verigo monitoring solution makes it easy to increase the visibility of your supply chain, and improve safety of temperature sensitive products.

The wireless Bluetooth temperature sensors allows you to get instantly insight and visibility of your all shipments. Save time and eliminate the need to find your data logger, avoid opening and damaging containers to retreive data.

Data access is fast via your smartphone/tablet to get information you need when you need.
You receive alerts by e-mail/SMS text message and can send reports in PDF/CSV format directly from your smartphone.

Data can be viewed and shared from anywhere. The secure Cloud integrate data automatically.

The simple web temperature monitoring platform allows to view any pods and audit every interaction : location, user identity, condition...




Operating principle of the Verigo solution


Fonctionnement Solution Verigo


Place your pod which measures conditions, records data and communicates wirelessly.

Use your smartphone/tablet to view all sensors within 30 meters and send reports in PDF/CSV format.

Access to the secure Cloud to analyze your data and print your reports.







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Verigo, the Bluetooth solution for temperature monitoring
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