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Naocom Temperature monitoring and tracking solution

Real-time data management: Real-time data monitoring and alert receiving
Type of transport: Global, National
Sensor location: Geolocate the sensor with the precision of GPS technology


Solution tracabilite temperature geolocalisation MobiTemp

Naocom is a real-time temperature monitoring and geolocation solution for thermo-sensitive products during transport


The Naocom connected monitoring solution allows you to monitor transport conditions of your products in real time and view the position of your fleet of vehicles.

It is suitable for utility vehicles, motorcycles / scooters, carrier trucks and semi-trailers.

It makes it possible to carry out the traceability in temperature of your packages, to geolocate your vehicles, to manage alarms in real time and ensures the sending of alerts by SMS / email.
Consultation and archiving of measurements on the NaoTemp platform.




  • Scalable solution for your truck fleet that is easy to install and use
  • Automatic reading and identification of SPY RFID and SPY Mobility wireless data recorders
  • GPS geolocation with identification and recording of multi-step deliveries
  • Secured web based solution with multi-user data access and automatic back up and archiving of data
  • Real time scalable monitoring of an entire fleet of vehicles
  • Real time alarm alerts sent directly to the driver in the cab and simultaneous to designated overall fleet administrators




Operating Principle MobiTemp solution



Throughout the journey, the GSM / GPRS transmission module Naocell (installed in the driver's cab) constantly communicates with the SPY RFID temperature sensors placed in packages and send data to the NaoTemp Cloud.
The SPY Mobility installed inside the truck automatically transmit data to the Cloud.

A delivery report is automatically sent at each step of the transport to monitor and control the temperature.
If a problem occurs, the driver and the supervisor are immediately alerted via SMS, thus avoiding any damage to the product.

The intuitive web NaoTemp interface allows to monitor the temperature of your product during its transport, manage real-time alarms and view the fleet of vehicles and tours.



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