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For the Labguard® solutions users: the continuity of your process and the durability of your equipments

Experience a smooth transition of your Labguard system with the JRI-MySirius solution

As a manufacturer of environmental parameter monitoring systems, we have experience in system transitions and support our customers with backward compatibility alternatives at each renewal of our recorder ranges.

Starting from the first quarter 2021, the JRI-MySirius solution allows to continue to use your Labguard® 3D system for environmental conditions monitoring and manage the data history retrieval of Labguard 2 and 3D equipments.
Without interruption your existing procedures, we ensure the continuity of the Labguard® 3D supply with its associated services, support, maintenance in operational conditions, and hardware and software evolutions.

Labguard compatibility with JRI MySirius


Take your Labguard surveillance equipment to the next level

The JRI-MySirius solution uses the next generation of IoT communication technologies with sensors adapted for the environmental parameters montoring in different use cases.

This opens interesting perspectives for evolutions for the Labguard® range:

  • combine existing sensors with new technology sensors when extending the sensor fleet 
  • answer new use cases
  • deploy solutions in secured multi-site SaaS or Cloud mode
  • ...

Combine your existing sensors with high speed Nano SPY 2.4 GHz wireless mini-sensors and/or LoRa SPY long range connected sensors.
Intuitive and flexible, the cloud and server software applications allow you to manage measurement data and perform metrology services with ease.


Support you at each stage of your project, including metrology operations

If you are perfectly autonomous in the management of metrology, we have the tools that will allow you to stay that way!
The Metrolog Calibration software allows to perform the calibration and adjustment of your Labguard probes as well as JRI recorders, using your own standards.
With Metrolog Cartography software and the JRI connected sensors, you can map your equipments with wireless technology.


Although essential, investment in an EMS is a significant capital expenditure. We can offer adapted solutions answering your constraints or budgetary needs. 
A specific organization has been set up to help you move forward and to answer all your questions.


Contact us to get in touch with your Labguard project coordinator !