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MyFoodCheck mobile app for HACCP controls


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The MyFoodCheck mobile app is dedicated to temperature control operations imposed by HACCP procedures


MyFoodCheck simplifies the temperature measurement operations performed by the Bluetherm One connected thermometer. The reading of the values transmitted by Bluetherm One makes it possible to take quick decisions in case of exceeding the thresholds set.

It enables the control and management of the temperature control of foodstuffs from reception to the plate:

  • the delivery
  • the hot/cold holding
  • the cooling/reheat
  • the storage
  • the cooking


In the case of non-compliant temperatures, a list of corrective actions is proposed.

The data collected in the application is automatically synchronized, saved and searchable at any time on the JRI Mysirius platform in the "FOODCHECK" module.

In case of temperature intakes with a conventional thermometer, the values can be entered manually in the application.

The "FOODCHECK" module provides access to the administration and configuration of alert thresholds, products, corrective actions, monitoring units and suppliers.

It is possible to export data in PDF reports and CVS files and to generate audit trails.

To use MyFoodCheck application, it is necessary to : 

  1. Subscribe to JRI MySirius including the "FOODCHECK" module
  2. Download the free Mobile App*
  3. Purchase one or more BlueTherm Probes



  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Reduces risk your customers
  • Creates detailed digital records that will protect you from litigation
  • Makes sure you're Always ready for inspection
    • Weekly PDF reports and audit trails 


* Available on Google Play and soon to App Store.




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